Citizen of Year. 

To recognize a person who makes a difference in our community-a volunteer who without thought of personal gain impacts the lives of those ho live, work, and play in our communities.  

The Cooke City Community Fish Fry

In the 1920’s  Cooke City, Montana hosted it’s first Annual Fish Fry.  During those early years the Fish Fry was held to gather community, family and friends together to celebrate the warm summer months.  Events included horse racing, dancing, a fishing contest, and of course a meal of fresh fish caught in nearby lakes.  The tradition continued for 35 years, took a break for many years, and then was resurrected by community members in 2004.  Used as a fundraiser for the Cooke City Community Center, and many other Community Council projects, the Annual Fish Fry became a favored event and was attended by guests from as a far away as Cody, Wyoming and Red Lodge, Montana.

The CCCC applied for Resort tax funds to purchase a grill, serving platters/dishes, and 6 tents that could be used for the Fish Fry fundraisers or any other community fundraising events. The Tents & Grill have been used yearly by CCCC, Cooke City/Silver Gate EMS Services, and other organizations providing community events. Private businesses or individuals can rent the this equipment for a minimal cost and the funds go to the CCCC.

The Cooke City Softball Field

The Cooke City Cream Softball Team traveled for years to Mammoth to play ball! A couple of locals put together a proposal to establish a softball field area which was used first as a Construction Project Staging Area. A contractor and local volunteers made it all happen as they leveled the dirt, planted grass, built a chain link fence and put in the equipment. The CCCC assisted the Team with the resort tax application to purchase the materials. This has been a huge asset to the Community. The CCCC also helped with a fundraiser, which included a garage sale, silent auction and Miss Montana 2011 in the dunking tank!! The first softball tournament was held in 2012 with a great turnout.  Over a hundred players and spectators utilized the area!  The field is used year round since we have winter 6 months out of the year.  Only in Cooke City would the locals put on their snowshoes and continue to play ball in the snow!

“Maintain and sustain our community by creating projects that support the health, safety, welfare and enjoyment of all people through educational and charitable actions.”

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